At DBH Business Solutions our team of highly skilled investigators offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the needs of each individual client.

We have years of experience in all types of investigative services including tracing, process serving, surveillance, fraud investigation, vehicle tracking, polygraph testing and many more delivering accurate and thorough evidence to our clients that has enabled them to resolve crucial matters relating to both individual and commercial cases.

We offer an unrivalled level of professionalism to ensure that all the private investigations we carry out are conducted effectively and discreetly in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion. With careful planning, the latest equipment and perfect execution, we’re able to provide some of the most effective information gathering available – giving you exceptional value for money and the highest quality evidence.

  • Surveillance
  • Counter-surveillance (de-bugging sweeps)
  • Polygraph Testing (lie detector)
  • Fraud investigations
  • Insurance & Benefit fraud
  • Company and director investigations

We ensure you get the most comprehensive evidence possible, and whether it confirms or negates a suspicion, you’ll have the information you need to base any future decisions upon.

For a confidential conversation or further information please email or call 0208 798 0292