Address Tracing

DBH Business Solutions have many years of experience in tracing debtors, tenants, beneficiaries and missing persons with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Our tracing agents use the latest tracing techniques supported by skilled and diligent fieldwork to track down missing people and gather any relevant evidence along the way.

We use the most modern, data protection compliant systems available to our sector and have developed the knowledge and techniques to find even the most evasive debtors. We adhere to strict codes of practise as we use only fully DPA compliant systems & techniques.

We find where others fail!

It is almost impossible not to leave an electronic footprint these days. We are so confident of our success in this field that we operate on a ‘NO TRACE – NO FEE’ basis, so what have you got to lose!

To request a trace please email us directly at as we need written confirmation from you to proceed.

Once we have completed the trace successfully, we will notify you and request payment. Upon cleared payment you will be provided with a written report detailing the subject’s confirmed address and any other information obtained during our enquiry