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You might need to locate someone who owes you money – We’ll provide you with their address and contact details!

You may want to find an old friend – You’ll be chatting over coffee in no time!

You may not have an address for a family member – We’ll have you back in touch by next week!

1. Fill in the form below and include as much information as possible.

2. Include middle names or initials. Last known addresses, linked addresses or areas. Date of birth. Employment status past or present if known and any other information which may assist us in our enquiries.

3. We’ll perform your search and provide your results.

4. By submitting this trace request you are making an agreement to the terms & conditions at the bottom of this page.

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Terms & Conditions

You are over 18 years old and agree to abide by the data protection act and will treat any information provided to you by DBH Business Solutions as confidential. Any illegal or unlawful activities or misuse of the data provided remains the sole responsibility of the client.

There is a ‘no trace – no fee’ policy and you will only be charged if the trace subject is located. Once the subject has been located we will request immediate payment and upon receipt of full payment the trace report will be sent to you within 48 hours.

The primary object of a trace request is to locate a place or address of contact for the trace subject. Contact details such as telephone numbers etc.. may not be available or provided within the standard trace fee.

DBH Business Solutions reserve the right to refuse trace requests if they suspect any wrong doing and/or to cease further enquiries without notice or reason.