Employment Tracing


Once a debtor has been located it would be advisable to use our employment tracing service which will summarise the subject’s employment status and enable you to make an informed decision before taking further action.

Our employment tracing service ensures more successful debt collection as with the subjects employment details you can apply for ‘Attachment Of Earnings’ order. Another added benefit is that the employment address can also be used where legal documents need to served upon the subject. 

A successful employment trace will provide the following information:-

  • Unemployed – if they are currently unemployed.
  • Self-employed – trading name and address supplied.
  • Employed – Company name, address & telephone number.
  • Director status – If the subject is a Director of any Ltd companies, company information supplied.

We are also able to provide other specialist information such as property and asset searches, on request. Please remember we work on a ‘no trace – no fee’ basis.

Our ‘volume tracing’ service provides a solution for clients with batches of cases and we price these according to the clients requirements.

We adhere to strict codes of practise as we use only fully DPA compliant techniques.

In addition to our address & employment tracing services we also have a proven network of experienced, accredited process servers who can serve any type of legal document anywhere throughout the UK based on a fixed fee.

To request a trace please email us directly at dbh@dbhbusinesssolutions.com or fill in the trace request form as we need written confirmation from you to proceed.

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Once we have completed the trace successfully we will notify you and request payment. Upon cleared payment you will be provided with a written report detailing the subject’s confirmed address and any other information obtained during our enquiry.

Click here for more details on address tracing or process serving.

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