Vehicle Tracking


A GPS vehicle tracker is a small but highly effective piece of technology that can be fitted to a vehicle discreetly, allowing the movements of that vehicle to be tracked at all times.

A GPS tracking system is an invaluable aid to a surveillance operation and a less intrusive method of tracking an individual’s movements. It also reduces the chances of an investigation being compromised by an individual suspecting they are being followed.

A vehicle tracker is a highly recommended, convenient and cost effective method of monitoring a person’s movement 24 hours a day. If you want to know the location of a vehicle or need evidence to show the routes taken or locations visited by someone then this could be the perfect solution.

There are many benefits and reasons to use GPS vehicle trackers:-

  • They are a reliable, discreet and accurate way of establishing the movements of one or multiple vehicles.
  • They are one of the most cost-effective surveillance options, as they are cheaper than covert surveillance where the vehicle would physically followed by aPrivate I
  • They are simple to install and able to monitor vehicle locations, routes, length of time at each stop and even the speed at which the vehicle is travelling.
  • The data can be tracked in real time so you know where the vehicle is at all times, and the sophisticated systems we use mean we can provide you with a report for any day or time, as necessary.
  • One of our agents can deal with installation and collection of a device should this be something you would be more comfortable with. We will then present the information to you in a clear, concise report.

Our agents are highly trained with the skills to remain 41WLMrG6LmL._SY355_anonymous throughout the investigations. Through a combination of experience and the latest technology, we can deliver the evidence you need.

To find out more, or to discuss the possibilities of using GPS tracking systems contact us today for a free-of charge no obligation chat.