There are a number of reasons to conduct surveillance. With marital infidelity on the rise, employee dishonesty increasing, and crime rates a concern for everyone across the country, surveillance is one way you can stay safe and secure. Surveillance gives you the facts and proof you need about those people you trust with your home, your children, your money, and your life.

Surveillance investigations can include:

– Confirming a person’s movements and who they are seeing
– Locating a person’s place of work or their home address

– Investigating vandalism

– Investigating benefit fraud

– Investigating a person’s lifestyle

– Matrimonial surveillance
– Investigating drug or alcohol use or abuse
– Insurance claims investigations

Our surveillance operatives are able to initiate and complete the surveillance on foot, and in mobile and stationary vehicles. We can also provide covert close proximity surveillance in buildings, bars, clubs etc images(using hidden cameras). We use state of the art covert surveillance and recording technology to ensure complete discretion when gathering the evidence that you need.

New privacy laws mean that surveillance through audio and video equipment as well as other forms of surveillance equipment can be restricted and even illegal when not performed by a qualified and licensed private investigator.

Whatever your requirements we aim to provide the best service possible. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, or to give confidential advice if needed.

For a confidential conversation or competitive quote please contact us directly or request a free callback.

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