After using 2 other tracing companies who were unsuccessful DBH quickly located my client’s debtor to an address in the South of France. I find DBH Business Solutions to be extremely efficient and very cost effective. They get positive results on even the most difficult cases.      Head of Corporate Recovery, LM Solicitors

“Cost effective, very efficient and speedy service, even on volume trace requests. DBH Business Solutions are our No.1 tracing agency.”   Top 100 Law Firm, Manchester

 “Excellent positive trace results, we have recommended DBH premier tracing service to many of our clients.”                                                          Debt & Insolvency Co, London

Excellent results even on very elusive debtors. DBH Business Solutions have found subjects where other trace agencies have given up. Now we only use DBH and would recommend their services. Employment trace is also very useful!                                                                                                  Debt Recovery Mgr, Mortgage Co

 “Speedy and accurate information provided to consistently locate absconded tenants.”                                                                                      National Property Company

 “Fantastic results with standard trace work and other more difficult and sensitive investigations. Would not hesitate to recommend them.“  Solicitors, Leeds

 “Thank you for finding my brother and bringing our family back together.”                                                                                                                 Ms Hirst – Private Client, Suffolk

 “I can’t believe you found my ex-boyfriend in South Africa after he ran off leaving me with all his debts, 3 other tracing agencies told me he was still living at my address!!”                                                                                   Private Client, Manchester